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Ready for the adventure of your life? With Yeti Bus you can discover all the secrets of Iceland. It is a 4×4 transport with all the comforts to enjoy an adventure with friends, family or with your couple. Capture unforgettable moments and return home with thousands of polar stories.

How to travel by bus to Landmannalaugar? Hella, Selfoss and Reykjavík

Do you want to visit Landmannalaugar? In Arctic Yeti we have created the bus that can travel the south of Iceland without problems, it is called Yeti Bus.

On our bus you can go from Hella, Selfoss or Reykjavík among others to Landmannalaugar and the entire area of the hot springs. Our bus, TheYetiBus will take you there so you can enjoy a day of hiking, photography or bathing with friends and new friends. Are you ready?

Adventure bus: from Hella to Landmannalaugar

If you are in Hella and want to go to Landmannalaugar, we help you. Book on the YetiBus for an unforgettable adventure.

Select your route and choose one of our bus excursions: you will be able to see wonderful landscapes, enjoy the fresh air of Iceland, spot new animals, and do new activities such as hiking, trekking, or taking a bath in its hot springs.

Bus from Selfoss and Reykjavík

Do you live in Selfoss or Reykjavík? We offer you a bus from Selfoss to Landmannalaugar. And a bus from Reykjavík to Landmannalaugar.

Choose the tour and book the best excursion for your adventure in Iceland. Our YetiBus 4×4 is prepared for all situations, it can handle everything and it is also very comfortable. On the bus you can enjoy Wi-Fi, a fridge, comfortable seats and even a camera.

Do you want to visit Landmannalaugar by bus from Hella and others?

We are Arctic Yeti, surely you know us. We are a company with more than 10 years of experience in the travel sector to the Nordic countries. One of our specialties is adventure bus trips to Landmannalaugar, the most appreciated place on the island.

For this reason, we want to offer you our star service: YetiBus. It is a bus specially designed for those clients who want to discover Landmannalaugar without missing a thing. Our mission is that you can do it from any point in Iceland like Reykjavík or Hella.

Are you ready? It is time to visit this very special place.